• Custom Wheels in Abbottstown, PA

    Custom wheels are more than a fad.  It's a statement of the dirvers individuality and their appreciation for automotive culture.  Whether for a lifted truck or a lowered hot-rod, L & M tire and Wheel has what you're looking for.

  • Flat Tire Repair in Abbottstown, PA

    Flat tires are very inconvenient. While there is little you can do to prevent a flat tire, you can help minimize the hassle and damage to your tire by being prepared.

  • Lift Kits and Lowering Kits in Abbottstown, PA

    From sport utility vehicles to light weight trucks, lift kits and lowering kits can show uniqueness and customization. Choose Abbottstown, PA’s most knowledgeable staff for vehicle customization in lift kits and lowering kits in Pennsylvania for all make, models and budgets. 

  • Nitrogen in Abbottstown, PA

    Do you feel like you are constantly inflating and re-inflating your tires? If you want a better, more efficient way to keep your tires inflated, you should try nitrogen inflation

  • Tire Balancing in Abbottstown, PA

    Balancing your tires is important. If overlooked, unbalanced tires can lead to uneven wear, vibration and potentially unsafe driving conditions.

  • Tire Installation in Abbottstown, PA

    Tires should be selected by the correct size for the vehicle, and should be purchased in sets of four, or at least matching sets of two on each axle.

  • Tire Rotation in Abbottstown, PA

    Rotating your tires is essential for keeping your tires lasting longer. Rotating your tires means moving them from one side of the vehicle to the other, moving them from front to back or a combination of both.

  • Wheel Alignment in Abbottstown, PA

    Wheel alignment is the position of your wheels relative to your vehicle. When properly aligned, your wheels will point in the same direction as the vehicle.

  • Wiper Blades in Abbottstown, PA

    Driving conditions are always more hazardous in rainy or snowy weather, lowering both visibility and traction considerably. Having a clear windshield is key for being able to drive safely, and windshield wipers are essential for keeping your vision clear.

  • Exhaust in Abbottstown, PA

    Do you have a noisy vehicle? You may need a new muffler or exhaust system. The purpose of your exhaust system is not only to reduce the noise, but also to redirect fumes away from your vehicle. Redirecting these fumes protects passengers in the car from toxins created by burning fuel.