Be Careful on those Autumn Drives

October 19th, 2016

Everybody loves getting out and enjoying the crisp snap in the air during fall, and taking a drive to see the brilliant colors of changing leaves. Those leaves can be a real safety hazard while driving, though!

Those crunchy fallen leaves on the roadway will quickly turn slick – as slick as snowy pavement – when they’re wet with rain. Deep accumulations of leaves can Driver Safety in Abbottstown PA also conceal potholes or even curbs from drivers.

--Make sure to keep your speed down around corners and offramps if they’re covered with leaves

--Make certain that your brakes are in good shape, and that your tires have enough tread to deliver good traction on slippery surfaces

--Anticipate things like stop signs and curves, and be ready to react should things get slippery

Leaves can also be not-so-good for your car. The tannins in leaves will stain paint quickly; if you find leaves on your finish, be sure to get them off quickly. Remember not to sweep them off, as that can scratch paint. If you end up with leaf-shaped outline stains, you may end up doing a lot of buffing to eliminate them.

Leaves can also clog the air intakes on your vehicle’s cowling, under the windshield wipers. Don’t let them accumulate there.

We know, we know – it’s one more thing to worry about, right? Better to be safe than sorry, though. When you’re out this fall taking in the sights, just be careful. We don’t want you to end up coming in for a wheel alignment because you hit a curb that you couldn’t see!  

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