Did You Know April Is National Car Care Month?

April 28th, 2016

Every year, the Car Care Council promotes two months to draw attention to the importance of car care and preventive maintenance…October is Fall Car Care Auto Repair in Abbottstown PA Month, while April is its springtime counterpart.

Why April?

April means that spring has arrived and winter’s officially over. That means it’s a good time to prepare your car for hotter weather and address any issues that might have been neglected over the winter, such as:

·         Oil Change: Can you remember when the last one was? If you can’t, pop the hood and pull the dipstick. If your oil is honey colored and translucent, it’s still pretty fresh and clean. If it’s darker but still translucent, you’re good for awhile yet. If it’s the color of black coffee with a sour, acidic smell…change it!

·         Tires: Check your tire pressure all around – underinflated tires have greater rolling resistance and are costing you money in terms of fuel economy. If you can’t remember the last tire rotation and need an oil change anyway, schedule them both for the same visit. Tires need to be rotated at 5,000 mile intervals, like oil changes, and your car’s going to be up on a rack anyway.

·         Wash and Wax: Winter weather’s really hard on automotive finishes. Your car should be waxed quarterly, so wash it down with a good car-wash soap, get a good quality paste or liquid wax and get after it!

·         Fluids: Your coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid and power steering fluid all need routine checks and service – April’s a great time to do it.

Remember, the cost of neglecting car care can be expensive and unneeded repairs down the road. Make sure your car’s in good shape for the coming months…make an appointment with LM Tire & Wheel in Abbottsttown, PA and let us get a look! 

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