Give The Gift of A Safe, Reliable Vehicle

December 16th, 2016

When it comes to buying gifts for adults, it just gets harder every year, doesn’t it?

At L & M Tire & Wheel in Abbottstown, PA, we’d like to make a suggestion…save that loved one time and trouble and just give a gift certificate for the auto Auto Repair in Abbottstown PA repair or routine maintenance they need.

Here are some ideas:

Oil change: you probably know that oil changes at regular intervals are really, really important to cutting premature engine wear and keeping your vehicle on the road for many years to come. What kind of shape is that motor oil in? Is it translucent and honey-colored like it should be, or is it the color of black coffee?

Wheel alignment: a vehicle that constantly pulls to one side while driving on straight, uncrowned pavement is more than an annoyance. It’s costing money in terms of premature tire wear and excessive rolling resistance, meaning compromised fuel economy. Why not give a gift certificate to get that vehicle driving like new again?

Wipers: even a good set of windshield wipers can only last about a year before they wear out. Normal wear and the sun’s UV rays will leave your wiper blades chipped and dried-out…and worn wipers will just smudge and smear a windshield. A new set of wipers and windshield washer fluid will make a vehicle a lot more pleasant to drive.

Brakes: of course reliable brakes are vital to the safety of any vehicle. If your loved one’s car or truck is showing signs of brake wear, such as longer stopping distances, noise, a pull to one side while braking or vibration, don’t delay. Get those brakes taken care of!

Cooling system service: it’s not a real tough job, flushing a cooling system and refilling it, but it’s a messy job that most people don’t want to do at home. A flush/fill can make sure that vehicle is protected against freezeup and corrosion going into the winter months.

So…did Santa get any ideas from this list? Make an appointment with us at L & M Tire & Wheel and find out about our great prices on auto repair and preventive maintenance! 

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