Keeping Your Car A Little Cleaner This Summer

July 26th, 2016

It's summer, and that means lots of taking the kids back and forth to soccer, the store, the park, the pool, summer vacations, etc...and with ice cream, sodas and Interior Detailing in Abbottstown PA other stuff, you can easily end up with a sticky, mess interior. We rounded up some great tips to keep that back seat and interior a little less messy:


-- Get a toothbrush. It's really useful for getting ground-in grime out of crevices or textured surfaces like door panels and armrests. 

-- If you've got fuzz and dust lodged in the vents of your car's A/C system, use a small paintbrush to get inbetween the slots in the vents (foam or bristle either one can work), and use a shop-vac's suction to suck up the fuzz before it can get around to other parts of the car. 

-- Commercial leather or vinyl conditioners can be greasy and oily. Try a little bit of olive oil and lemon juice (small amounts!) on a rag to clean and condition dried leather and vinyl. 

-- Magic Eraser is a great way to get rid of any disgusting, sticky things that might be clinging to upholstery, especially on vinyl or leather. 

-- Got pet hair? Try duct tape rolled around into a loop, sticky-side-out, or wet the fur with a spray bottle and comb it off the upholstery with a squeegee. 

-- Melted wax or crayons on your upholstery or carpet? Use an iron (not too hot) and a paper shopping bag to warm up that wax to a point where it can be easily removed again. 

-- Don't mess with expensive carpet or upholstery shampoos. A little bit of diluted all-purpose cleaner and a scrub brush or rags can get rid of even old, ground-in grime on upholstery. Remember to use a white rag, like a don't want the fabric's dye to transfer to the upholstery. 

-- Dirty floor mats can be cleaned with the all-purpose cleaner (or baking soda) and scrub brush trick, then thrown into the washing machine. 

-- Once you're done, change the cabin air filter to get rid of any funky odors. Take a jelly jar, punch some holes in the lid and fill it halfway with baking soda, then keep that jar under a seat as an air freshener and odor neutralizer. 


As always, we want you to be safe as well as comfortable this summer. Be sure to check your tires' condition and inflation before hitting the road, and remember L & M Tire & Wheel if it looks like maybe it's time for a new set of tires!

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