Lifting Your Vehicle? Lowering Your Vehicle? Here Are Some Things To Remember

May 19th, 2016

People with 4 x 4 pickup trucks love to lift them a few extra inches, for ground clearance and bigger tires and wheels. Drivers of sporty sedans and coupes, on Lift Kits in Abbottstown PA the other hand, often find that they can get better handling with lower ride height. If you're considering either modification, though, here are some things to remember: 

Lifted Vehicles

-- Bigger wheels and tires come with their own unique issues. A taller wheel will throw off speedometer readings, making the speedo read slower, and can even throw off transmission shift points. Taller wheels also effectively raise your rear end's gear ratio, giving you poorer acceleration and less low-end grunt. Finally, the added weight of bigger wheels and tires means more rotating mass and unsprung weight, which affects braking performance. 

-- Your suspension was designed for a given ride height, and the more radically you alter that, the more you are essentially re-engineering the suspension. It can mean wear on components, squirrelly highway handling and a whole range of other unexpected problems. Higher ride height also means a disruption in the angles of the driveshafts, possibly causing vibration and premature wear on the driveshafts, transfer case and U-joints.

-- Lifted trucks also mean longer brake lines, longer shocks and other modifications outside of the basic lift kit. You may also need a steering damper to help compensate for side-to-side wander. This is why it's important to get a complete, comprehensive lift kit that's custom-designed for your vehicle's make, model and year. It can save you a lot of headaches and a lot of driveway tweaks! 

Lowered Vehicles

-- Obviously lower ride height means lower ground clearance, so be careful of driveways and speed bumps!

-- Lowered ride height often comes with a serious tradeoff in ride quality. 

-- If you lower your vehicle, you may also find you're suddenly scraping your tires on the inside of your wheel wells (when you never did before).

-- Lowered vehicles, like lifted ones, change suspension geometry and any lowering job needs to be carefully planned and thought through beforehand. 


If you're considering either one of these mods for your vehicle, we hope this helps you make an informed decision. At L & M Tire & Wheel in Abbottstown, PA, we can help you out...we can order lift or lowering kits custom-designed for your ride, with the know-how to make sure they're properly installed. Make an appointment with us! 

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