New Year's Resolutions...For Your Car!

February 7th, 2017

Okay, we’re well into February and most people have forgotten their New Year’s resolutions…the ones like “lose weight” or “get more exercise” or “eat better.” It’s the New Years Resolutions in Abbottstown PA reason why there’s a rush on gym memberships in the first week or two of January, then the place thins out again within a month.

New Year’s resolutions for your car, though, aren’t so hard to keep…and they pay off with a more reliable and longer-lasting vehicle. Here are a few items to add to your vehicle's to-do list this year. 

Wash and wax:. A good coat of wax does more than just make your car look good – it also protects the finish from grit and road debris, and can help prevent rust and oxidation of the paint.

Oil change:. Your dad probably told you years ago to always get your oil changed regularly, and he was right. It’s still the single best way to keep the inside of your engine clean and prevent premature engine wear. Conventional motor oil should be changed at a 5,000 mile interval, which brings us to our next point…

Tire rotation: Your tires should be rotated every 5,000 miles for proper, even wear. Since that coincides with oil change intervals and the vehicle’s already on a rack and off the ground, why not have both done?

Cooling system service: Your coolant, a 50/50 mix of distilled water and antifreeze, also contains anticorrosion agents that head off the buildup of scale in the radiator, water pump and heater core. Coolant needs to be flushed and refilled at regular intervals, however. If you’re not sure how long your cooling system has been serviced, a technician can use a hygrometer to check the condition of the coolant and help you make a decision.

See, New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be that tough to stick with! Your car’s a big investment, and with the right care and maintenance you can keep it running great all the way through 2017. Make an appointment with us at L & M Tire & Wheel and let’s get you set up on a regular preventive maintenance schedule. Happy 2017 to you and your car both!  

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