Thinking About Aftermarket Wheels?

August 21st, 2016

You see them all the time -- cars on tall, oversize aftermarket wheels or trucks rolling on huge mud tires. Aftermarket wheels can be a great way to customize Aftermarket Wheels in Abbottstown PA your vehicle, but there are some things to remember if you want to go that route. 

-- Expect a harsher ride. Taller, oversize rims for cars almost always go with low-profile, shorter-aspect tires. Tires that have less rubber in the sidewall are going to have less ability to absorb the bumps and impacts in the road, and are likely to have more noise as well.

-- Changing over to taller rims effectively means a change in your final gear ratio. That means poorer acceleration from a stop, and those taller wheels will also make your speedometer read lower than you're actually going. In some cases, taller wheels can also confuse your engine's powertrain control computer to a point where transmission shift points can change. 

-- Taller wheels can easily end up rubbing in your front fender wells, as can wider wheels. Remember too that wider wheels may ride and handle better, but have a bigger surface area that's in contact with the road...meaning more rolling resistance and poorer fuel economy. 

-- If you've got a truck and want to mount oversize rims and mud tires, remember that those wheels and tires weigh considerably more than your stock wheels and tires did. That means an increase in unsprung weight and rotating mass, putting a lot more strain on your suspension and brakes. 

-- Finally, if you're considering aftermarket rims, do your research about the materials they're made of. Notice that police cars use plain old forged steel wheels because they're robust and tough. Make sure that your new rims can withstand a hit on a pothole or a curb...these things do happen, and you don't want to be replacing one of those expensive new rims before its time. 

When it's time to make that purchase, think hard about what kind of rims you want and what your budget is...and make an appointment with us at L & M Tire & Wheel. We've got a fantastic selection of aftermarket rims from American Racing, Enkei, Diamo, Carroll Shelby and more, and we'll help you make sure that the wheels you pick out are the right fit for your vehicle. 

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