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WHOIS Business listings   are made visible through major search engines like Google and Yahoo. As searchers search for your Website they will see your business listing.


The WHOIS database receives over 1.6 million searches a day. With WHOIS Business Listings, you can promote your business to these searchers.  


Select from four customizable templates or build your own template. Advertise special promotion, hours of operation,  

  • Login to your account at 
  • From your account, select the domain to be configured
  • From the Domain Overview panel, click on “Business Listing” 
  • Select Categories:  Select up to 5 categories to promote your website or domain
  • About: Enter your business name, description of your business and upload a logo. 
  • Map Your Location:  Enter your address to create a map with directions to your business. 
  • Business Listing Details: Create a business, personal, promotional or domain sale listing for your domain or business. Custom select the details you would like to include you in your listing. Select from company slogan, phone number, email address, company description, hours of operation, promotions, personal description, domain sale details, and more. 

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Configuring Your Business Listing

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