How to Configure your Privacy Policy

Go to

  • Login to your eNomCentral Account
  • Then go to ‘More Products’ > ‘TRUSTe Privacy Policy’ > ‘Manage’
  • Select ‘Configure Now’ under Status
  • Next, Login to you TRUSTe Control Panel

A new browser window will open where you will configure your policy in a 3-Step Process:

 (Make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled)

Step 1: Select the Template you want to use. For basic websites, select the “Blank Template”

Step 2: Build your Policy by answering the questions listed

  • After you have configured the policy and updated your contact information, Select “Review Your Policy”
  • Verify all the information provided in this policy is true and accurate and select “Generate Policy”.

Step 3: Install Privacy Policy.

**If you have questions or need assistance to install your privacy policy please call our Technical Support Department who are available 24x7. You can reach Technical Support at 425-974-4639 option 3.