L & M Tire & Wheel in Abbottstown, PA is centrally located and services many surrounding areas including:

Hanover, PA

At L & M Tire & Wheel, we got our start in Abbottstown, PA years ago…but we’re also proud and pleased to serve drivers in Hanover, PA with the best in auto repair and Tires & Auto Repair Hanover, PApremium-brand tires that you’ll find in southern Pennsylvania. It’s only about a six-mile drive, and it’s well worth it!

Interesting facts about Hanover:

  • Hanover, PA played an integral part in the Civil War & American Revolution. Hanover PA
  • Hanover, PA is called the snack food capital of the world
  • Hanover is named after the German city, Hannover
  • Hanover was founded in 1763

L & M Tire & Wheel invites residents of Hanover, PA to make the short 10 minute drive to our shop in Abbottstown and let us show you why our customers keep coming back time and again. 

Gettysburg, PA

Tires & Auto Repair Gettysburg, PAL & M Tire & Wheel is only an easy 15-mile drive from Gettysburg…and well worth the short trip to be able to find some of the best prices on tires and service in the southern Pennsylvania area. That includes tires from brands like General, Continental, Uniroyal®, BF Goodrich and Michelin®, available in a wide range of sizes for various applications.

Interesting facts about Gettysburg:

  • The Battle of Gettysburg & Lincoln's Gettysburg Address were both in Gettysburg, PA
  • Tourism plays a large part of the Gettysburg economy
  • Every year in July, volunteers reenact the Battle of Gettysburg
  • One of the banks on the square include the original architecture and was once the WWII spotter post for aircraft
No matter if you're in the Gettysburg area as a tourist or if you're a permanent resident, L & M Tire & Wheel officially invites you to make the short  20 minute drive to Abbottsville for any tire & auto repair or service need you may have. You won’t find better prices or service anywhere in the Gettysburg, PA area than here at L &M Tire & Wheel!

York, PA

It’s barely a 17-mile drive from York to Abbottstown, PA, where you can find great deals at L &M Tire & Wheel! We stock tires from top brands like General, Continental, Michelin® Tires & Auto Repair York, PAand BF Goodrich, in a wide range of sizes for various fitments…and at some of the best prices you’ll find in southern Pennsylvania.

Interesting facts about York:

  • York is currently the 11th largest city in PA
  • York has been called an "architectural museum" because of all of the well-preserved historical structures
  • During the American Revolution, York served as a temporary headquarters for the Continental Congress
  • York was founded in 1741

At L & M Tire & Wheel, we encourage residents of York to make the easy & well-worth-it 25 minute drive for reliable auto repair and great prices on name brand tires. It’s easy to check our selection of tires using our online tool, or just make the short drive from York, PA to Abbottstown. You’ll find it’s worth it! 

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