Just wanted to say thank you for a KICK ASS wheel tire tire package and the competitive pricing that L & M always comes through on. Didn't get a chance to catch up with you to shake your hand yesterday when I picked them up. I couldn't wait until Christmas to give them to my son, he flipped and still has a grin on his face.

THANK YOU !!! and happy holidays to you and all of the staff at L & M.

-Ryan Hartman

I just wanted to drop you a line and say a special thank-you for your outstanding service for me today with the tires for my Mazda.

 Not many businesses would be that responsive and accommodating on such short notice to do what I needed done.

 I'll definitely be telling everyone I know about the terriffic service I received from L&M.  Thanks again for coming through in the clutch.

-Eric Weiss

Extremely friendly staff. Not my typical experience when visiting garages/auto centers, very refreshing and appreciated, especially by a woman.

-Penny R.

 I wanted to tell you how delighted I am with my purchase. Normally buying tires is something I dread....the time, the expense, the add ons. I came in for two tires and ended up with 4 like new used tires for probably less than half of what I would have paid elsewhere and you fixed a bad valve. I am very grateful and have already texted pictures of my new tires to my friends and family. Thank you. PS Jake took the time to explain stuff and give me options

-Ann T.

I wanted to write you and let you know how much I appreciated the service (and advice) I got today when purchasing 4 new Continental tires (and having your mechanic put them on my 2008 Honda Accord).  So far, the tires are fantastic.  The drive home was so smooth and quiet I couldnt believe it (over my old Yokohama tires).   When the car was brought out of the bay, I spoke to your mechanic (sorry, I didnt get his name) and we talked about how noisy the old tires were.  He took me in and showed me that there was some cupping marks on the old tires and as he said, that couldve also contributed to the high noise issue.  He suggested I have the dealer (the car is still under warranty) take a look at the shocks/struts to see if there is a problem.  I deeply appreciate his bringing that to my attention.   I have my doubts if the Honda dealer will do anything (my track record with them has not been good).   But I can assure you, if I need to, I will gladly come back to your shop and have your folks look at the issue.   Its possible too, it could be something else maybe, but either way, if the Honda dealer gives me the bums rush, I will come back to see you folks.  I cant afford to have the same thing happen to these new tires.   Not sure what the price would be if the shocks/struts are the problem, but would appreciate you giving me a ballpark estimate if your shop did the work.  Also, if its an alignment, I assume you could do that work as well.   Again, I deeply appreciate the service you provided, the pricing on the new tires was very fair and competitive and I will not only do business with you again, but will highly recommend you to my friends.  Thanks again,

-Neil S.

Jake is friendly, helpful, knowledgable and does a great job listening to the customer and meeting their need.

My truck had 'like new', major brand tires on it. The truck shimmied badly, and I was having a problem finding someone who could trouble shoot the problem. A friend, who is a loyal L&M customer, told me that I needed to get to L&M, and that they would be able to solve my problems.

Jake and the folks at L&M went right to work, did some testing, and found 2 defective tires, they were out of round and could not be ballanced.

I am on a budget, and needed a good value tire to replace mine. Jake helped me pick the right tire for my driving needs, was able to trade my old tires in for a fair value, and sweetened the deal by pointing out a nice sized manufacturer's rebate on my new tires.

The end result is elmination of all the shimmying, the truck drives like new...the tires perform very well...the tires look great...and the price was very fair.

Jake made a loyal customer out of me, I will refer friends to L&M any chance I get.

PS - I drove over an hour from my home to L&M, it was well worth the time.

-Bob Gingrich