Truck Tires Littlestown, PA

We’re glad you came to L & M Tire & Wheel in Littlestown, PA for your light truck tires!

Fifty years ago, trucks were bare-bones work vehicles; no A/C, bench seat, rubber floor mats, crank windows. Light trucks have advanced a lot since then; today, they’re family vehicles for a lot of people, with comfort, ride quality and road manners that rival any sedan. Light truck tires have had to keep pace with the evolution of trucks, and at L & M Tire & Wheel we carry a wide range of tires for trucks, regardless of what you drive or what your needs are!

For most drivers, all-season light truck/SUV tires are a great choice. They offer a forgiving ride and good road manners, with traction on wet or dry pavement. Unlike passenger all-season tires for cars, though, these tires can handle higher load ratings and can hold up to the hard use you’d expect with a truck.

Truck Tires LIttlestown, PA
If your truck goes off the pavement sometimes, consider all-terrain tires. All-terrain tires have a more aggressive tread pattern and will offer good traction on soft surfaces. Mud tires, on the other hand, can get you through the really wet and sloppy stuff safely. Mud tires are designed with tough sidewalls that can stand up to scuffs and cuts; their blocky tread pattern features a high void ratio between tread elements, enabling them to eject mud and debris so there’s always a clean tread to dig into soupy, muddy surfaces. Mud tires do, however, usually have a higher noise level on pavement and sometimes have a rougher ride quality.

At L & M Tire & Wheel, we offer tires from

  • Uniroyal
  • BF Goodrich
  • Michelin
  • Cooper
  • Goodyear
  • Firestone
And many more! All with the same great prices and service after the sale you’ve come to expect with us. And don’t forget our wide selection of custom wheels to help you dress your truck up a bit. Our redesigned site makes it easy to find right tires for your truck, by make, model, tire size and tire brand. Looking for tires for your  truck? Make an appointment with us! 
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