Truck Tires in York, PA

If you’re looking for light truck tires in York, PA, we’re glad that you came to us at L & M Tire & Wheel!

A generation  ago, trucks were no-frills work vehicles; no air conditioning, vinyl bench seat, rubber floor mats, crank windows and maybe an AM radio with a single oval speaker in the middle of the dash. Today, light trucks are family vehicles for many people, with amenities, ride quality, handling and road manners that are pretty carlike. As light trucks have evolved, truck tires have had to keep pace, and at L & M Tire & Wheel in York, PA, we stock a wide range of truck tires, no matter what you drive or what your needs are!
For most drivers, all-season light truck/SUV tires are a good all-around choice. They offer a supple ride, low road noise, and good handling, with traction on wet or dry pavement. Unlike the  all-season tires you’d find on a car, though, these tires are designed for  higher load ratings and the demanding use you’d expect with a truck.
 Truck Tires in York, PA
If you sometimes have occasion to go off the pavement, all-terrain tires are a good pick. The more aggressive tread pattern of all-terrain tires offers good traction on soft surfaces. Mud tires, on the other hand, are what you need when you go through muddy, soupy conditions. Their tough sidewalls resist scuffs and cuts; the high void ratio in their blocky tread enables them to eject mud and debris so there’s always a clean tread area to dig into mud. Mud tires do, however, usually have a rougher ride quality and higher noise on the highway.

At L & M Tire & Wheel, we offer tires from
  •  Uniroyal
  •  BF Goodrich
  •  Michelin
  •  Cooper
  •  Goodyear
  •  Firestone
And many more! All with the same great prices and customer service you’ve come to expect with us. And if you want to dress your truck up a bit, check out our wide selection of custom wheels. It’s easy to find right tires for your truck, by make, model, tire size and tire brand, with our redesigned website. Looking for tires for your  truck? Make an appointment with L &M Tire & Wheel in York, PA!
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